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Category: Marketing, Sales and Service

Type: Standard

Location: blue springs

Starts: Nov. 1, 2021

$ Paid
 Full Time
 Part Time


Core Medical Center,  a Missouri based company,  is looking for a Marketing and Communications Assistant intern that is professional,  kind,  caring and has a passion for health and wellness.  A Marketing and Communications Assistant is a sales professional who works from our corporate office and sells products/services to potential patients,  creates brand awareness by doing onsite visits to potential referral sources.  Sources such as.  Their job is to help the potential patient on the phone see why and how CORE MEDICAL CENTER can help them achieve their health goals and live their best live (and get them back to doing the things they love).  This person must have exceptional communication skills,  patience,  and tact to deal with others and routine workdays.


Performance Objectives:

  • Maintain an 80%  conversion rate
  • (calling/scheduling/follow up)  all marketing leads
  • Utilize CRM (HubSpot)  for marketing (Lead flow/Newsletters/Blogs/Email Campaigns/Social Posting/ect)
  • Development of marketing materials and collateral
  • B2B initiatives (development and execution)
  • Internal/External Events initiatives (development and execution)
  • Educate current patients on services that we offer to get referrals or cross marketing
  • Survey Development:  Customer Satisfaction ect.


Capabilities/Key Competencies:

  • Persistence:  must not give in on the first negative answer from the potential patient but persist in informing the customer about our products/services
  • Focus and determination:  must focus on sales results during a set period for CORE MEDICAL CENTER
  • Telephone sales:  Previous telephone sales experience helps a phone sales rep interact with potential customers more effectively
  • Time management:  must know how to manage time when speaking to many customers in a day
  • Product knowledge:  Phone sales rep should thoroughly know the services that CORE MEDICAL CENTER offers and what conditions they can help with
  • Customer Service:  Our mission is to create remarkable experiences that help our patients achieve their highest quality of life (CORE MEDICAL CENTER).
  • Passion/Drive for Health/Wellness and office success
  • Team Player
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely,  verbally and in writing,  In English
  • Must have excellent interpersonal skills and customer service skills
  • Proficiency in MS Word,  MS Excel,  MAC
  • Understand,  believe,  and communicate our mission,  vision,  and values
  • Ability to define and take massive action to accomplish your own personal,  professional,  and financial goals

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