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Category: Hospitality and Tourism

Type: Standard

Location: Osage Beach

Starts: May. 24, 2022

$ Paid
 Full Time
 Part Time


Join the team that provides our guests with their first welcome into our award-winning full service resort.  This internship or summer work experience offers the opportunity to focus on the check in/  check out processes but also experience the PBX Operator desk,  guest services desk and even Night Audit if you would like!   Our ever-growing program is open to all and will welcome students from all over the US and from other international countries such as Jamaica,  Thailand,  Turkey and the Dominican Republic.


You will learn the processes behind hotel check in and check out,  working at a computer,  interacting constantly with guests.   Attention to detail is essential as you will work with cash and credit card payments,  group requests and busy check in days!   You may also rotate within the department to experience the PBX Operator position,  taking and directing all calls within the hotel and acting as the central hub in case of maintenance or emergnecy procedures.  


Attention to detail is essential as is excellent English speaking and communication skills.   You will work at a computer screen,  but will be standing for long periods of time at the check in desk.   Confidence with taking payments and good mathematical skills are also required.   A neat and professional appearance is essential also as you will be the “face of the resort”! 

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