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Category: Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications

Type: Standard

Location: Cleveland

Starts: Jan. 31, 2021

$ Paid
 Full Time
 Part Time


Green Resources Consulting,  LLC is an environmental organization that grows and produces sustainable and renewable eco-friendly bamboo in the United States.   Our PPE division produces N95 respirators and surgical masks with an activated bamboo carbon.   With our company’s innovating products,  we care about people’s well-being,  safety and protection.


Must have knowledge for:

Copywriting/copy editing (for blogs,  emails,  etc.)
Extensive knowledge in Video editing
Graphic design knowledge in color theory,  visual design,  color contrast,  textures,  pattern harmony,  scale,  rational spacing,  understanding of Fibonacci sequence in design “golden ratio”

Marketing &  Communications

Interactive/Social Media/SEO,  Copy Writing

Blogging, Critical Thinking,  and Public Speaking


Must be able to provide examples of high-quality content you’ve done in the past
-  MUST be GREAT with internal and external communication
-  Excellent at writing in English.
-  Must be flexible and dependable.
-  Must be able to turn work around timely

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