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Category: Human Services

Type: Project Based

Location: Hazelwood

Starts: Mar. 1, 2021

$ Paid
 Full Time
 Part Time


Circle of Care,  St.  Louis is a community based behavioral and mental health agency serving the St.  Louis metro area and Cape Girardeau.  We are currently seeking a Bachelor’s/Master’s Level Intern provide the following services to clients:


  • Individual Skills Building: Intern to provide weekly individual therapy for at least two clients depending on experience and capacity.
  • Case Management: Intern will provide case management for each client seen individually.  Case management will include but is not limited to collateral contact,  resource-finding,  intake,  treatment,  and discharge planning.
  • Family Skills: Per learning needs,  hourly commitment,  and ability,  intern to co-facilitate family therapy when applicable.
  • Group Skills: Depending upon the program and need,  interns will propose and work with direct clinical supervisors and staff to develop a time-limited,  issue-oriented group for clients or families of clients.  Interns will co-facilitate this group with social work staff.  Intern to record all group notes and ensure continuity of care through excellent communication with treatment teams.
  • Documentation: Intern to complete all documentation related to individual cases including assessments,  treatment plans,  treatment reviews and reports,  discharge summaries,  progress notes,  and other documentation.
  • Fieldwork: Per learning needs interns will provide services to clients in the community (at school,  home,  or other locations).
  • Supervision:  Intern is expected to participate in one hour of weekly supervision with direct supervisor,  to participate in weekly group supervision,  to participate in meetings as scheduled with other program staff,  and to attend scheduled training.


Please note this an unpaid internship.  We are seeking Bachelor’s/Master’s Level interns to work in the community,  allowing the opportunity to gain clinical field hours and supervision hours.

Due to the nature of our work,  applicants must have a driver’s license and must undergo a background check in accordance with local laws and regulations to be considered.

Must have valid car insurance and undergo drug testing and background screening.

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