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Category: Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Type: Standard

Location: Jefferson City

Starts: May. 16, 2021

$ Paid
 Full Time
 Part Time


The primary function of official grain inspection is to facilitate the marketing and sale of grain by providing accurate and consistent inspection and weighing information that describes the quantity and quality of grain being bought and sold.

The Missouri Dept of Agriculture,  Division of Grain Inspection &  Warehousing is accepting applications for Summer 2021 internship.  This position will be domiciled in Jefferson City and will require travel (vehicle provided).


What you will be doing:

Gain hands-on experience in government’s role in regulating the state’s grain industry and protecting its grain producers.
Establish lasting relationships with leaders in Missouri’s grain industry.
Participate with Grain Regulatory auditors as they conduct onsite inspections and inventories.
Receive training in the Federal Grain Inspection Service (FGIS)  grain sampling procedures.
Interact and work along side employees as they weigh and load unit trains and barges destined for the export market.
Obtain experience and knowledge in the grain industry distribution network.



Must be a current college student pursuing a degree in an Agriculture related field.  Must have a 3.0 GPA and be a current Freshman through Junior in college. 

You will need to apply at:

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