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Category: Information Technology

Type: Standard

Location: Cape Girardeau

Starts: May. 18, 2020

$ Paid
 Full Time
 Part Time


Intern will research,  analyze,  and set up a server,  VPN,  connecting to the Cloud,  setting up all perimeters,  authorization levels,  etc.

Interested candidates should email resume and unofficial transcript to


Configure VPN and VPC,  develop documentation,  testing of security system,  including latency,  test current systems from cloud test set up,  assist with development and testing of other system related projects.


Junior or Senior pursuing undergraduate degree in Computer Science,  CIS or Cyber degree,  or related computer-based degree.   Must have strong interest in networking operations.

Experience preferred:  active directory,  firewall configuration rules,  group policy,  ethernet,  VLAN,  Server 2016,  2019,  and Type I Hypervision.

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