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Category: Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Type: Standard

Location: St. Louis

Starts: Jun. 1, 2020

$ Paid
 Full Time
 Part Time


The intern in this position will be trained to assist in conducting land disturbance or other permit termination inspections,  assist in emergency bypass inspections initial response to document with photos and prioritize necessity of further investigation and to conduct some spot check verification of information being submitted by the facility regarding SSO’s that are reported as having been stopped and corrected.  The intern may conduct sampling in cooperation with a water pollution inspector atSSO emergency investigations.  The intern may review,  scan and assist in the electronic filing of plans for wastewater facilities,  archiving of information,  and assist with laboratory and equipment inventory projects.  Depending on intern’s ability to function somewhat independently following training,  they may be able to do follow-up inspections at sites where there have already been inspections and a re-inspection is needed,  (Class I inspections only)  or survey areas indicating there may be land disturbance work occurring to assist in identification of sites that should have a land disturbance permit and are causing water pollution issues.  In some cases,  interns may be able to accompany inspectors on inspections where it is appropriate to have a team of twoattend a site for safety (storm water concerns)  and to help verify and document concerns.  Some initial concern investigations may be suitable for the intern to do an initial visit in order to free up water pollution staff with other higher priority enforcement or inspection work.

Professional Experience to be Gained:

The intern in this position will learn about water pollution,  waste water treatment systems,  treatment options,  data and file management,  water and facility sampling procedures,  how to read a wastewater permit,  and about MoDNR’s role in protecting public health and the environment through water pollution regulations.  The intern will work independently but also in teams.


Skill Set Required of Candidate:

The intern should have basic understanding of water quality,  chemistry,  good interpersonal communication skills both written and verbal.  Candidate should also have basic computer (Microsoft Office)  skills.  Must have driver’s license and be able to work outdoors.

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