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Category: Human Services

Type: Standard

Location: Independence

Starts: Jun. 12, 2023

$ Paid
 Full Time
 Part Time


This is a 6 week program and is a summer internship through our Job One Careers program. The positions are located on various job sites throughout the KC Metro area. The Job Coach trains and mentors program individuals in group work settings with high school juniors going into their senior year of school. They are the liaison between the business staff, high school students and Job One.> 20-30 hours a week, and is a paid internship at $15/hour. Students interested in internship hours encouraged to apply. This is a great opportunity for students interested in any helping profession, teaching, training, managing, etc.


High school diploma or general education degree (GED). Graduating in the Spring 2023 accepted.


Experience working with individuals with disabilities in vocational rehabilitation and/or training settings is desirable.  Education may substitute for experience.


MS Office:  Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet.  


Must have a valid driver’s license at time of application. Some sites may require obtaining a Class E Chauffeur’s License.

1st aid/CPR certified preferred


Knowledge of programs and services for people with developmental disabilities preferred

Willingness to travel on company business in personal or company vehicle.

Good written, oral, and communication skills.

Ability to be flexible. 

Respect the rights and dignity of people with Developmental Disabilities and willingness to advocate on their behalf.

Affirmative drug and alcohol screening.  

Affirmative criminal/abuse background check.


Provides job training and support

Provides employee development by utilizing individual work or work-related activities to assist individuals to understand the meaning, value, and demands of work; to modify or develop attitudes, personal characteristics, and work behavior; and to develop functional capacities, as required, to assist individuals in reaching their optimum level of vocational development. 

Present soft skills training and curriculum in provided in a classroom.

Transports program individuals when related to vocational assessments, job development, and job retention services, as requested or approved by your supervisor. 

Assists program individuals with performance on new job tasks; helps the program individual understand the job culture and industry practices as well as work behaviors expected by the employer. Trains employers and co-workers to understand the training methods and accommodations needed by the program individual. 

Writes case notes and summaries (including analysis, reasoning, and comments) within 48 hours of service delivery so others can understand the program individual’s progress; reports verbally on the program individual’s progress to the referring agency or other collaborators; prepares written vocational case reports; and maintains records and composes relative correspondence.  

Accepts and willingly carries out special assignments or duties, when requested. 

Projects positive image of Job One and program individuals to the local community.

Assures the confidentiality of information regarding program individuals. 

Abides by ethical and legal guidelines for case communication and recording. 

Respects the rights of all individuals served.

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Working on site with high school students with their first job. You will run your crew and help out with various daily activities set forth by the site manager. 


HIgh school education or graduating in Spring 2023

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