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Category: Accounting and Related Services

Type: Standard

Location: Jefferson City

Starts: May. 16, 2022

$ Paid
 Full Time
 Part Time



Salary: $15.50 Hourly

Duration of Assignment: May 15,  2022 –  August 15,  2022

Program: Water Protection Program

Job Location: This position is with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources,  Division of Environmental Quality,  and will be located at 1101 Riverside Dr.,  Jefferson City,  MO 65101

Why you’ll love this position:

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources’  Water Protection Program’s Financial Assistance Center (FAC)  provides funding to communities for water,  wastewater,  and stormwater infrastructure.  You will be part of a team of engineers,  project managers,  and administrative staff dedicated to helping Missouri communities plan and fund infrastructure improvements that benefit the communities’  health,  economy,  and overall well-being.  Come join our great team today,  where you will find many opportunities for future professional opportunities.


  • Review borrowers’  annual audited financial statements to:
    • Ensure the borrower is maintaining a 1.10 Debt Service Coverage Ratio
    • Ensure the accrual or modified accrual basis of accounting is used
    • Verify the borrower follows generally accepted accounting principles
    • Review for events of default,  significant deficiencies,  material weaknesses,  and findings that would impact the borrowers’  ability to repay SRF debt
  • Enter audited financials into a spreadsheet
  • Enter pertinent audit details into the SRF system
  • If time allows,  review borrower data in the SRF system for quality assurance to prepare for a potential new system conversion.


  • A junior or senior working toward a bachelor’s degree in accounting,  finance or business administration
  • Applicants must be working towards receiving academic credit for internship and be sitting as a current full-time student
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Excel
  • Must be able to spend the majority of a day reading audit reports and analyzing financial statements
  • Ability to work independently on assigned projects.

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