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This industry involves establishments which engage in the following processes: producing and distributing information and cultural products, providing the means to transmit or distribute these products as well as data or communications and processing data.

The following industries are sub-sectors of the information industry: publishing (traditional, software and internet), motion picture and sound recording, broadcasting (traditional and internet), telecommunication, Internet service providers and web search portals, data processing and informational services.

There are several differences between information/cultural products and traditional goods and services. Two of these differences are: information/cultural products may or may not have tangible qualities and is not necessarily associated with one particular form (i.e. a movie can be shown at a theater, on TV, rented/purchased from a video store, or purchased on pay-per-view); and delivery of information/cultural products does not require direct contact between supplier and purchaser. Examples include:

  • Publishing Industries
  • Motion Picture and Video Production
  • Radio Stations and Television Broadcasting
  • Libraries and Archives
  • Cable and Other Subscription Programming

Companies in Information