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Shawna Scott - 3/12/2021

So, you have a virtual interview coming up. Don’t panic! Even if you’ve never done one before, it’s not so different from an in-person interview. Check out these tips and tricks you can try!

Dress all the way up. Yep, all the way. Don’t risk accidentally showing off your pajama pants! Yeah, we know it’s classic Zoom fashion. But put on your full work outfit instead of just throwing on a blazer — regardless of what your camera frames, better safe than sorry!

Eyes on the prize. Is it hard for you to remember to look into your webcam instead of staring at your own video on the screen? You’ll look like you’re more engaged and making eye contact with your interviewers if you can maintain your gaze at the lens. Try taping mini googly-eyes to either side of your webcam! It sounds silly, but it helps. If you’re still distracted by your own video, you can cover up that part of the screen with a piece of paper.

“Background check.” Be aware of what’s behind you! A cluttery bedroom doesn’t leave the best first impression. Locations like a neatly organized desk space or a bare wall are much better suited for the “workplace”.

Face the spotlight. Not an actual spotlight, of course. But you will want to face the light source in the room. Don’t put a light source (like a lamp or window) directly behind you! You’ll look shadowy and silhouetted.

Don’t forget the final step. You’re not done til you write your thank-you note! Regardless of how the interview went, always write a (spellchecked!) email to your interviewers directly after the interview thanking them for the opportunity.

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